Newton’s Geniuses

Enriching Young Minds with the Wonders of Science since 2013

Engage, Explore, and Learn with us through 4-week, 1-hour long workshops designed to stimulate the natural curiosity of your children with hands-on activity and take-home projects.


All workshops are co-developed by our instructors and early childhood educators, designed to be age-appropriate for children to learn effectively. Our instructors all have a passion for teaching young children, and have solid backgrounds and advanced degrees related to Science and Mathematics.


Our current summer program is over. Thank you for a great time learning with us!


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Below is a sample of our past offerings. See you next Summer!
Program for 3-5 years old (Max. 15 enrollment)

Newton’s Geniuses Founder and lead educator: Dr. Poh Tan

Dr. Poh Tan, whose love for children and passion for science, learning, and teaching has led her to develop workshops and science modules specifically for children in the pre-Kindergarten age. Poh earned a Doctorate degree in stem cell research from the School of Medicine at the University of British Columbia, and is also in her final year of earning a second Doctorate degree in Education with specialization in Curriculum and Pedagogy at Simon Fraser University. Poh’s research advances science education both in Canada and also abroad, specifically in Brazil.


Poh’s expertise is recognized as a two-time TEDx speaker. She spoke about the influence of good teachers at TEDx Unisinos in Brazil, and spoke about the state-of-the art about Stem Cell Science at TEDx Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC.


From observing her sons and other children as part of her research, Poh believes that nurturing children’s inquisitiveness at an early age and then allowing them to advance their ideas by applying them to the world through their eyes, the child will build a confident and strong foundation for later success in life.


[… interplay between science process and science content allows learning to spiral as process skills are applied to familiar content allowing for the construction of new knowledge.]

– Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science, Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 2004.


[“To succeed in the 21st-century economy, students must learn to analyze and solve problems, collaborate, persevere..] – Wall Street Journal, 13.04.2012


Education methods based on innovative research are used in our curriculum

Each module is carefully developed to introduce scientific concepts to a deeper level to children in the pre-K age. These modules are NOT just about great demonstrations on an erupting volcano using baking soda and vinegar or making an egg shell-less in vinegar. Poh’s science modules are not designed to only show how “magical” science can be.


Poh’s Science modules are developed around a cohesive science theme and, not random science facts or demonstrations. These integrated modules encourage the children’s understanding of scientific concepts at a deeper level and promotes application through hands-on activities.


For example, in our volcanoes module, the children will learn about how volcanoes led to certain global catastrophes, why and how volcanoes are formed and why are they important even though they seem destructive. The children will be taught how to observe, predict, conduct and conclude – akin to the universal scientific method approach. They will also be invited to discuss the outcomes, and to imagine how things can be different, or be made differently. The children are also encouraged to explore open ended ideas with numerous opportunities.


These methods teach innovation, and that’s what set us and our children apart.