Research Partnership: University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Dr. Paula MacDowell

To this day, there is a lack of clarity on the definition of scientific literacy or what it means to be scientifically literate.  Referring to the 2007 Handbook of Research on Science Education, Roberts and Osborne discussed the attributes of a scientifically literate person as one who: 1) has a breadth of scientific knowledge and […]

Research Partnership: Arnaldo Grin Elementary School, Novo Hamburgo, Brazil

Arnaldo Grin Elementary Schoo, Novo Hamburgo, Brazil Currently, I am working with a Grade 4/5 science teacher on developing her science curriculum informed through concepts of relationality to address the diversity of students in the classroom.  Arnaldo Grin is located within a marginalized community where most of the students have different abilities, and challenges in […]

Research Partnership: Unisinos University, Porto Alegre, Brazil

As a visiting scholar, I had engaging academic discussion with faculty and graduate students at the university about different methods of developing scientific literacy.  I held workshops for in-service and pre-service teachers from the public-school system to re-evaluate their science curriculum through more artful expressions. I continue to work with Professor Maria Eduarda’s group on […]