Future Learning Hub

Training Today’s Youth to be Tomorrow’s Leaders. As the co-founder of the Future Learning Hub, Dr. Poh Tan furthers its mission to advance and enhance science and technology education for students who will enter a digitally driven economy.  Future Learning Hub Inc is built on Poh’s academic research which focuses on the development of scientific […]


Since 2011, the team at Innoguidance Consulting has worked with and advised companies and groups on developing effective and sustainable business strategies. We are a boutique firm that provides customized services for our clients’ needs. Our expertise are: Strategic insights in entering the biotechnology research market in North America, with specialization on stem cell research […]

Newton’s Geniuses

Enriching Young Minds with the Wonders of Science since 2013 Engage, Explore, and Learn with us through 4-week, 1-hour long workshops designed to stimulate the natural curiosity of your children with hands-on activity and take-home projects.   All workshops are co-developed by our instructors and early childhood educators, designed to be age-appropriate for children to […]


Poh Tan is a published academic and a children’s author. She has co-published two children’s books in collaboration with young children, including her own kids.  The books are a distillation of her academic research through understanding and interpreting educational theories that captures scientific literacy through a child’s experience.  These books are designed  for parents and […]